Cindy & Holly

Dear Terra Canis team,

We’d like to thank you!

Holly was separated from her mom way too early and shortly afterwards, she had a severe gastrointestinal virus. Afterwards, we had great difficulty in finding the right food for her, especially because of her allergies.

Either Holly tolerated the food but didn’t like it or she liked the food but didn’t tolerate it.

She vomited quite often and had red eyes. Sometimes, they were even bloody.

The vets and clinics were at their wit’s end in the end.

I can’t remember anymore how we came across Terra Canis, but it was one of the best decisions to give your food a chance. We used to buy dry food, as wet food always smells unpleasant.

The only exception is Terra Canis wet food! Your cans smell like fresh Bolognese…

Since we feed Terra Canis products to our dog, she hasn’t had problems with her eyes anymore, and her hair has perfectly grown back. Her coat is so shiny and soft.

And last but not least, Holly doesn’t vomit anymore.

By the way – once I took a can out of the fridge to warm it up and left it on a plate on the kitchen counter. Later that evening my mother asked me who had made such a good Bolognese. And I was looking for Holly’s food… :D

We are also fans of your herbs! They keep their promises and look great at that :).

Best regards and thank you

Cindy and little Holly