Carola Herbst

Dear all,

I’ve already written it quite often and I recommend Terra Canis whenever I can. Lulu will turn 5 in April and since the summer of 2013, we’ve been ordering the dog food by Terra Canis. What a lucky chance that I watched the Bavarian TV station at that time and learned from your great food. In the first two years, I bought cheap food as well as highly expensive food…Whatever I bought, Lulu always had diarrhea, stank and her coat was not bright. After many orders and a dog which is always happy when the parcel arrives, I can only say and write again and again: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU…Lulu is a happy, pretty and wonderful dog, which doesn’t stink (even her dirts don’t stink), and even now, during her heat, she is hungry. Keep it up!!! Thanks to Terra Canis from Lulu and Carola