Caro Hofbauer - Alimentum Veterinarium

Dear Terra Canis team,

I’ve already emailed you a feedback today. Now I’d like to thank you here again. Sammy reacts to almost every protein source by vomiting. It was very difficult for us because he had been able to eat everything until the beginning of the year.

He had two inflammations of the abdomen, one in March, the other one in July. In March, a blood count was made. The blood urea was increased and the creatinine value was 1,3. At that time, your Low Protein line did not yet exist. However, the vet told us to feed our dog renal food only.

It was very hard to find food for Sammy that I accepted as I always attached importance to high-quality ingredients. In the animal hospital, it was supposed after a while that the inflammation had to be due to something else. We had to test a lot, from senior food to mono-proteins to hypoallergenic food. The latter was great but we didn’t feel at ease in the animal hospital. They always wanted to sell us Hill’s or Royal Canin. We changed the vet and another blood count was made.

ssHe was fine, the inflammation has gone but the creatinine value continued to increase to 1.5 within four months. Consequently, we had to change to renal food as soon as possible. At this very moment, you launched your Low Protein line. Finally food I liked to feed Sammy and that he always enjoyed. Top-quality ingredients and three different protein sources. However, I couldn’t feed Sammy chicken as he doesn’t tolerate it. Ms. Kosanke recommended venison.

For almost six weeks, Sammy was fed this food as well as your dry food venison and the Struppis deer as treats. I cast away the idea of feeding him veal, as a friend of mine gave him a piece of raw veal and he had to vomit shortly afterwards. At that time, Sammy got “Horse hypoallergenic” and he tolerated it very well. That’s why I would look forward if you expanded your Low Protein line. What worries me a bit is the fact that Sammy defecates quite often compared to when he eats hypoallergenic food.

However, this could be observed in all renal food of which we’ve had samples so far. But the excrement is “normal”, so we have to accept this according to the vet. The blood count of today also showed that it’s worth it. The creatinine value fell from 1.5 to 0.9. We are so happy and would say a big thank you to all producers, vets and involved parties of AliVet. Keep up the good work! As you know, there have been many dogs suffering from food intolerance meanwhile. A Terra Canis hypoallergenic renal food would be an absolute highlight. Thanks!!!