Caro Hofbauer

Dear Terra Canis team,

Our Sammy has been fed Terra Canis products for quite a while. He used to get Terra Canis grain-free and your “senior” food after a while. Then, Sammy (9 years) got an inflammation in his abdomen. It started in the beginning of 2017. After medication, several examinations and another inflammation we should change the food to hypoallergenic food. Unfortunately, at that time, your hypoallergenic line had not been launched yet.

Another blood count was made and then we should change the food to renal food. That was in the middle of September. As I always appreciated Terra Canis food, I was very happy that you offer renal food. At the moment, we are testing Terra Canis AliVet venison and Sammy likes it very much. We still have difficulties in finding appropriate dry food or snacks we can give him every now and then. I’ve already asked Ms. Kosanke for the phosphor values. As Sammy really seems to suffer from an intolerance, a hypoallergenic renal food would be great. Before, he was fed “Horse and potatoes hypoallergenic”. If you launch this product some day, I’ll surely be the first to buy it. Like I said, treats and dry food would be perfect as well.

At the end of October, another blood count has to be made and then we will know if it has improved. Sammy seems to be alive and kicking in any case.