Confidence Boost – Feedback from Bounty

When meeting other dogs, Bounty has always been cautious. She avoids most of the dogs or gives the other dog a wide berth. As soon as it looks like a dispute, she heads to me and runs for shelter.

It was bound to happen: There were some incidents with other dogs which attacked her. The last two attacks were the worst. Bounty on the floor, on her back, and another dog bites her, twice within one week…

Thank God that both times I was near her so I could avoid that something worse happened. Or to be more precise, Bounty had already been heading to me to run for shelter when the other dog attacked her. We always escaped with no more than a scare, but Bounty was very scared. After these attacks, Bounty was extremely intimidated concerning other dogs. As soon as a dog was as tall as she was or taller - even if it was only for sniffing - she ran to me and squeaked. When the other dog seemed dangerous to her and wanted to sniff, she went on the run. Of course I had to find a solution. But I didn’t find a remedy. Meeting dogs of acquaintances was no problem, but concerning new dogs, she was quite skeptical at first. After a while (when they knew each other) this was no problem. However, when we met a new dog, my dog panicked.

Since Christmas I’ve been giving her your herbal heroes Confidence Boost and for some days, I’ve noticed a big change. She approaches other dogs again and when she feels uneasy, she no longer rans away but invites them to play and skips. When another dog sniffs at her, she just walks away if it’s too much for her. She plays with foreign dogs again and rarely has any problems when we meet other dogs.