Birgit Willer

Dear Terra Canis team,

I would like to give you feedback. My female dog has a sensitive stomach and thus, I had to look for grain-free food of top quality for her. I especially attach importance to the meat content. The other ingredients, however, are also important.

My dog has already tested lots of Terra Canis products and she loves them. The oil “Gold Rush” really impresses me. She likes it and at the moment, I mix a teaspoonful of it in her food as a course of treatment every day. The wet food smells tasty when you open the can and my dog can’t wait to eat it. She also likes the treats. Their quality is also great since my dog’s stool is normal now, not too soft anymore and her tummy rumbling has also stopped. Given this quality, I don’t mind the price. However, the fact that the Lieblingswurst is out of stock at the moment is a pity.

Kind regards,

Birgit Willer and Joy