Annika K. Cenpur

Our 14-month-old male dog has been taking the nerve complex capsules, which are made with passion flower and St. John’s wort, for almost eight months.
Keno is an extremely calm and relaxed dog at home, but his behaviour on walks is often exactly the opposite.
Ever since we have been feeding him three capsules once a day, Keno has been much calmer and more laid-back. He would respond anxiously in certain situations, but the capsules have also helped soothe his nerves in this regard.
We really are pleasantly surprised. We love the fact that the capsules can easily be opened and their content mixed into his food without any problems, meaning that they are also suitable for dogs who are sceptical about new food.
They can be used both on a long- and short-term basis.
As always with Terra Canis, the ingredients are 100% natural, grain- and gluten-free and developed in conjunction with vets.