Annika K. Casanova

We have been giving Keno the Casanova herbs from Terra Canis since early November.
I have to admit that I was unsure at first about whether they would actually make a difference. After six months, I am delighted to report that these herbs are helping Keno, a young male, to get through puberty.
He was obsessed with dogs of the opposite sex, was sniffing a lot and literally lapping up urine.
His teeth were chattering and he was foaming at the mouth.
Something had to change. We noticed an improvement after about three weeks; Keno became more relaxed, was licking up less urine and had more than just you-know-what on his mind.
With our supply of herbs running low a few days ago, I forgot to reorder. As a result, I have noticed that Keno is sniffing a lot again and lapping up a lot of urine. This offers further proof that the herbs do actually work.
We can definitely recommend them to anyone whose dog is experiencing similar problems.
It is particularly worth mentioning that the herbs are 100% natural as well as grain- and gluten-free; they have also been developed in conjunction with vets.