Anke, Lotte & Kalle

Dear Terra Canis team,
I became aware of Terra Canis, when we had our first dog „Lotte“. Unfortunately, she was already three years old at the time. With the switch to Terra Canis food ( wet- as well as dry- food), a new dog age began. All of a sudden, my dog smelled completely different. So much better!! Even other dog owners commented positively on it. Especially with the dry food, it was extremely noticeable. The dog smelled like a mixture of spices and herbs, similar to the food itself. You wanted to bite into it yourself, it smelled so delicious!
Lotte never had any problems with her teeth, or her digestion in her lengthy dog life.
I also don´t want to do without the wonderful oils and herbs.
I´m sure that The Terra Canis food was the key to the success of 15 good years of her dachshund life.
With my new puppy „ Kalle“, I made the switch to Terra Canis immediately after he moved in with us. It worked out great!!
All of the wet food varieties smell so delicious, and can`t be compared, in any way, to conventional dog food. You can really smell and see the exceptional human-grade quality when you open the can.
Unfortunately, we have to wait to give Kalle dry food until he is 1 year old. I can hardly wait!
P.S. Your magazine is really great as well!!! Wonderful pictures, and interesting editorials! Also, the possibility of contacting a veterinarian is very helpful.
Dear Terra Canis team, we thank you so much!!!!!
Anke, Lotte & Kalle