Alexandra Preisag

Dear Terra Canis team,

I’d like to write about my experience as well.

My first dog died at almost 17 years in the summer of 2014. Afterwards, I looked for a new companion for quite a long time, paged through animal shelter papers, but I didn’t find the right dog.

A nice colleague drew my attention to a society for the protection of animals which places dogs from Southern Europe. And there she was, little “Becas” (appr. 1 year) with her too big ears, waiting for a new home. It was love at first sight. I had phone conversations with the society for days and for hours until my little cutie finally arrived at Easter 2016. Scared and shy at first, she became a real sunshine. “Becas” got the new name “Emmi” and new food. I gave her raw food at first (but she didn’t really eat it) and then grain-free dry food at a higher price. I thought I gave her something that does her good. However, after 9 months, Emmi had problems with her anal gland again. She licked like mad. Almost every month, we were with the vet to empty. He only said that this was normal with some dogs and this couldn’t be really remedied. After some more months in which Emmi had problems with the anal gland, I was sick of it and consulted a natural health practitioner for animals who gave me extra lessons concerning dog food and declarations. She also referred to Terra Canis. I changed the food to Terra Canis immediately and – what shall I say – she didn’t have problems with her anal gland anymore. She loves her food; the bowl is empty in a flash and no more licking. I’m so happy that I could finally help her.

Thank you so much for your excellent food (which smells so good that even I’d like to taste it).