Product of the week: Midsommar

When the days are at their longest and the flowers in full bloom, the Swedes celebrate the height of summer with the Midsommar festival. The tradition is for unmarried girls to collect various flowers on midsummer’s eve – and place them under their pillows so as to dream of their future husbands. Flowers are still an essential part of Midsommar, with beautiful garlands adorning the festival.
But no celebration would be the same without the traditional culinary fare. With herring, potato, dill and strawberries, the Swedes know how to celebrate the summer with light and delicious food. The Midsommar menu represents a healthy taste sensation for dogs. Alongside healthy protein, nutritious herring is a source of important omega-3 fatty acids. High-energy potatoes not only provide the dog with power, but are also easily digestible; what’s more, summer herbs and blossoms such as dill, hibiscus, lavender and pollen are full of phytochemicals and natural micronutrients. Parsnip and swede, as well as pumpkin seed and coconut flour, all contain a plethora of nutrients from a dog’s summer diet. The strawberry is a particular delight for dogs and their companions alike: sweet and fruity, it contains countless micronutrients and vitamins, supports the immune system and helps to keep the gastrointestinal tract healthy. A menu that will help your dog make the most of summer.
Glad Sommar!