Product of the Week: Herbal Heroes Top Model

A round flank and unsightly rolls of fat: Overweight is becoming more and more common among our pets. The reason is often the unfavourable combination of a permanently full bowl and too little exercise and movement. Being overweight affects the entire musculoskeletal system. Ligaments, tendons and joints are put under heavy strain. The Terra Canis herbal hero ‘Top Model’ supports a gentle weight loss and fat burning. Additives such as artichokes, birch, yarrow and psyllium are known to boost the metabolism, while linseed, orange and apple fibre simultaneously help to fill the gastrointestinal tract. Further support is provided by Bach Flowers such as centaury, chicory or mustard.

About the Terra Canis HERBAL HEROES
Whether in Ancient Greece, Indian Ayurveda therapy, the teachings of Hildegard of Bingen, or traditional Chinese medicine: Herbs have always played a major role in medicine. Tradition has it that people used to learn the use of medicinal herbs by watching animals and thus learned the effects of these herbs. This is exemplified by the chamois which instinctively eat a specific herb when bitten by a snake. This herb staunches the poison. Also bears know which herbs strengthen them and give them energy after coming out of hibernation in spring.

To date there are over 250,000 medicinal herbs known for their healing and health-promoting effects. Many have already been verified in scientific studies. Western medicine also increasingly uses naturopathy accompanying the classical medicine.

Herbal Heroes is the first product to provide a combination of medicinal herbs and Bach flowers. With its Herbal Heroes, Terra Canis presents a completely new product concept in the field of food supplement and naturopathy. The ten Terra Canis heroes are targeted at the common dog diseases and complaints: stomach & bowel, fear & anxiety, coat & eyes, joints & bones, immune system, heart & arteries, kidney & urinary tract, metabolism & diet, respiratory system and sexual dysfunction. For these products, the herbs known for the respective complaints in naturopathy are mixed together. The appropriate Bach flowers are sprayed on these blends and dried.

Suitable for dogs of all breeds and ages, as a multi-week regimen or as a daily dietary supplement.

The Bach flowers and herbs are of medicine quality and are regularly assessed. Developed with a veterinarian & specialist from the European Academy for Natural Medicine and Environmental Medicine.