Product of the week: Berriefoods

Great things come in small packages! Berries are widely regarded as being THE ultimate in healthy foods, as these tiny, fruity ‘midgets’ are literally bursting with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals. Even the wolf, the father of today’s dogs, knows the benefits of enhancing his diet with these tiny super fruits, and helps himself to shrubs, bushes and berries on the ground. The stomachs of his prey (usually herbivores) also often contain berries, which are thus directly available to him and guarantee that he receives an abundance of micronutrients.
The Terra Canis Berriefoods combine three of the best types of berry and are complemented by healthy cherries. Cherries contain not only extraordinarily high amounts of vitamin C, but also valuable anthocyanins. This term refers to a group of natural dyes that are said to have a high cell-protecting effect and are also being investigated in current studies.