Alimentum Veterinarium - Our veterinary range

If your dog has special dietary needs which mean that he needs to be put on a specially put-together diet, you obviously won’t want to compromise on the high quality of the food that goes into his bowl. This is why the Terra Canis philosophy has been applied to the products of the Alimentum Veterinarium range - the first veterinary feed for dogs which contains ingredients only in 100% human-grade quality.

Especially for poorly dogs, it’s of fundamental importance for them to have high quality raw ingredients and nutrients. Based on the natural, evolutionary diet that dogs would have had, all AliVet products are grain-free, and they’re specially formulated for the most common ailments. Alimentum Veterinarium stands for maximum quality, naturalness and acceptance.

To make things easier for you and your four-legged friend to find the right menu from our veterinary range when there’s a problem or he needs a special diet, all AliVet products are now available from the Terra Canis Online Shop.