Cenpur Omega-3 Complex – Pure krill oil

  • 100% Human-grade quality of all ingredients
  • Dietary supplement with natural and plant-based active ingredients
  • Extremely high cell protection with an ORAC value of 378
  • Antioxidant and immune-strengthening
  • Developed in conjunction with vets
70.3 g
Art.No. 97076 ·€42.66 / 100 g
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Active ingredients from nature


Developed with veterinarians


Grain & gluten-free


100% natural


100% human-grade quality of all ingredients


Per capsule: krill oil 100 %, capsule shell: beef gelatine

CENPUR – Back to the roots of nature

Antarctic crustaceans provide the valuable krill oil, which provides omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in a sensational 15:1 ratio. 

Omega-3 fatty acids are considered antioxidant and cell protective. A further component is the extraordinary astaxanthin, whose antioxidant effect is said to be 6,000 times stronger than that of vitamin C and can thus effectively protect against free radicals.

Krill oil is suitable for all dogs, especially for supporting skin and coat, immune defence and cell protection.

CENPUR for puppies and young dogs
Krill oil originates from the clearest and coldest waters of the Antarctic. It is extracted from a small species of krill by the name of Euphausia superba and is exceptionally rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These are essential for puppies and, amongst other things, are known for their positive effect on cell metabolism, the body’s own defences and the lubrication of the joints. Alongside vitamins A and E, krill oil also contains the super antioxidant astaxanthin, whose ORAC value (i.e. the ability of antioxidants to eliminate free radicals) is an incredible 378 (normal fish oil has an ORAC value of 8). This phenomenal ability to defend against free radicals and thus protect the cells makes the KRILL OIL CENPUR complex the perfect supplement for puppies and young dogs in the growth phase. 
Only about 0.03 per cent of the krill population is caught each year. This quota has been set by the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) and ensures the survival of the Antarctic krill.

 Content: 190 capsules (70.3 g)

About the Terra Canis CENPUR line
Nature is a miracle and as such produces thousands upon thousands of highly efficient plants and active agents that can enrich the organism. Animals have always used them as food or instinctively choose certain plants for their complaints and thus support their organism in a completely natural way. Our dogs have largely lost this evolutionary instinct.

Ever since its foundation, Terra Canis has dedicated itself to the philosophy of feeding the dog with what nature originally intended for it or its ancestor, the wolf. With the supplement line CENPUR, Terra Canis builds a bridge back to nature. CENPUR comprises a variety of natural active substances and nutrients that have a long tradition in natural lore.

Turmeric, milk thistle, passion flower, sango coral, devil's claw, olive leaf extract and chlorella algae – they all contain countless, highly efficient active ingredients and micronutrients and can support the organism of the dog. The CENPUR natural complexes as well as the respective dosages of the active ingredients have been individually balanced by our veterinarians Hanna Stephan and Dr Yvonne Kosanke to meet requirements.

A CENPUR complex can be used as a dietary treatment over several days or weeks, for the targeted supply of vitamins and minerals to the dog or as a long-term food supplement for healthy or ageing dogs to promote healthy organs and body functions, as daily, permanent support or for the targeted compensation of existing nutrient deficiencies. The easy to open capsules are made of natural cellulose.

and many more ...

Analytical components

Protein: (krill oil) 0.2 %, (capsule) 34.3 % fat content: (krill oil) 96.9 %, (capsule) 37.7 % crude ash: 0.1 % Astaxanthin: 100 μg/1g

Feeding recommendation

Up to 10 kg          1 - 2 capsules / day
10 – 30 kg             2 - 3 capsules / day
From 30 kg          3 - 4 capsules / day

A Cenpur complex should be used as a dietary supplement over several days or weeks as required, for the targeted supply of vitamins & minerals to the dog or as a permanent food supplement for healthy or aging dogs to promote healthy organs and body functions.
The capsules can be administered to the dog directly into the mouth under the base of the tongue (swallowing reflex) or mixed with the food.


Vet Hanna Stephan has some tips

A change to a new food often puts the cat owner to a hard test of patience. This is an expression of the cat's special food imprint. Their receptors "warn" them of the unknown. This instinct often makes a food change very difficult and lengthy. Alongside a species-appropriate recipe with an extremely high meat content, a few small tricks can help ease the transition.

Place a bowl with the new food alongside the old food (which the cat should continue to eat for the time being) for a few days, allowing the new smell to be incorporated within the cat’s ‘prey spectrum’. As such, the rejection or ‘fear’ of the new food will gradually be diminished until it is no longer regarded as ‘strange’.

Once the cat has got used to the new smell, small amounts of the new food can be mixed into the old food. The pace at which this is done depends on the cat concerned. The more critical the cat is by nature, the smaller the initial concentration of the new food. If the cat shows great interest in the new food or prefers it to the old food, the ‘mixing in’ process can go at a faster rate or even be skipped.

Gently warming up the new food or – depending on your cat’s preferences – adding a small amount of salt, fish oil or Parmesan for a short period can help to make the new product even more appetising.

Ensure that your cat has a quiet feeding place where they can eat and sniff their food without being disturbed. Some cats feel even happier and safer in raised feeding places.