Chew sticks


Strong & natural

Strong & natural

TORGAS® are an extremely resilient chew toy made from untreated root wood. The root remains unchanged even with tough chewing, providing healthy and long-lasting chewing fun for all chew-happy dogs. 

Natural product from Portugal
Torgas originate from the mountains of Central Portugal, where they are made by hand from a local heather variety. In the process, the root is carefully cleaned and smoothed by hand to create a hard surface with no sharp edges. As the natural shape of the wood is taken into account, every single Torga is unique. Throughout the entire process, we pay attention to sustainability and make sure that we use resources efficiently. We only use carefully selected, very strong root wood for the manufacture of our TORGAS® Chew Sticks. Every single Torga is subjected to very careful quality checks.

Size XS: ca. 80 - 150 g

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Vet Hanna Stephan has some tips

A change to a new food often puts the cat owner to a hard test of patience. This is an expression of the cat's special food imprint. Their receptors "warn" them of the unknown. This instinct often makes a food change very difficult and lengthy. Alongside a species-appropriate recipe with an extremely high meat content, a few small tricks can help ease the transition.

Place a bowl with the new food alongside the old food (which the cat should continue to eat for the time being) for a few days, allowing the new smell to be incorporated within the cat’s ‘prey spectrum’. As such, the rejection or ‘fear’ of the new food will gradually be diminished until it is no longer regarded as ‘strange’.

Once the cat has got used to the new smell, small amounts of the new food can be mixed into the old food. The pace at which this is done depends on the cat concerned. The more critical the cat is by nature, the smaller the initial concentration of the new food. If the cat shows great interest in the new food or prefers it to the old food, the ‘mixing in’ process can go at a faster rate or even be skipped.

Gently warming up the new food or – depending on your cat’s preferences – adding a small amount of salt, fish oil or Parmesan for a short period can help to make the new product even more appetising.

Ensure that your cat has a quiet feeding place where they can eat and sniff their food without being disturbed. Some cats feel even happier and safer in raised feeding places.



Einfach Klasse!

Unser 9 Monate alter Zwergpudel, ist sehr kaufreudig und knabbert gerne mal alles an. Die Kauwurzel in S war die perfekte Entscheidung! Zwar war dem kleinem Racker die Wurzel erst etwas suspekt, aber nun wird sie freudig gekaut und bekratzt ! Top!

Johanna , 02.11.2017


Die XS Kauwurzel wurde von meinem Mops sofort mit Beschlag belegt. Ich kann die Wurzel nur empfehlen.

Kathrin Dettmar, 11.07.2017

Super für Welpen

Unser Golden Retriever Welpe liebt diese Kauwurzel! Diese ist sehr robust und glücklicherweise auch sehr griffig. Sie kann sich stundenlang damit beschäftigen, und kaut und kratzt sehr leidenschaftlich daran.

Andrea , 06.06.2020

Grundsätzlich toll

An sich eine super Sache, unsere kleine Mischlingshündin (6kg) ist begeistert. Allerdings habe ich mit "S" zu gross bestellt, sie kann die doch recht schwere und - in unserem Falle - fast runde Wurzel fast nicht tragen. Ich denke, das nächste Mal würde ich "XS" bestellen und hoffen, ein etwas länglicheres oder "griffigeres" Stück zu bekommen. Auf dem Etikett steht, dass das in der Wurzel enthaltene Tannin Flecken verursachen kann - was das bedeutet ist mir noch nicht klar, mit unserem hellbeigen Teppich beobachte ich das mal.

Nina, 04.05.2018