Canvas training dummy

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Cloud7 x Terra Canis training dummy

This feeding dummy, created in cooperation with cloud7, adds suspense, action & bonding to your daily walks with your dog.

Interacting with your dog using a feeding dummy has many advantages. The dog must work for his daily feed. He must make physical and mental efforts, which results in a good use of his capacities. Furthermore, a feeding dummy enhance the bonding and the trust between the dog and it’s owner, as in order to obtain the food, the dog must work closely together with it’s master or mistress.

Retrieval Feeding Dummy Cloud7, with Terra Canis Logo. With wooden handle and zipper, suited for swimming.
Canvas made off organic cotton, embroidered with Terra Canis Logo
Diameter: app. 7cm
Length: app. 17cm
Weight: app. 64g
Colours: grey & dark brown

Produced in Germany

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