Valparaíso - 30% discount on our menu from Chile

Valparaíso: Now you can buy our menu from Chile with 30% discount
On our journey around the world in 80 bowls, we celebrate Chile: a World Heritage site, magnificent colonial buildings and a colourful zest for life: Valparaíso – the historic city on the coast of Chile was once one of the most important ports in Latin America. The arrival and departure of ships from across the world still influences the colourful, multicultural and artistic hustle and bustle of Valparaíso today. However, the colourful city – just like the rest of Chile – isn’t just about sparkling joie de vivre and picturesque beauty, but also culinary diversity. And our four-legged friends are also fans of this.
The basis of the Chilean menu for dogs is fine llama meat that is particularly suitable for intolerances thanks to its rare protein structure. The valuable meat is also exceptionally lean and easily digestible. The special meat base is supplemented with energy-rich manioc and vitamin-rich tropical fruits such as mango and papaya, which supply the dog with lots of Vitamin C as well as healthy fibre and micronutrients. In addition to passion flower, aloe vera and the vitamin boost acerola, maca is also a special healthy element for the dog bowl. The superfood of the South American Inca is said to support strong fitness and contains a wealth of valuable natural nutrients for the dog. Added chia seed supplements the valuable omega-3 fatty acids, while selected herbs such as lavender, sage and lemon balm round off this very healthy South American dog treat. As always at Terra Canis, this menu consists of ingredients in 100% human-grade quality.