Product of the Week: Sensitive Chicken

No food allergy, but a sensitive stomach and susceptible digestion? There are many reasons why a dog might react to food in a sensitive way. The SENSITIVE line is aimed at dogs with sensitive digestions and closes the gap between the CLASSIC/GRAIN-FREE and HYPOALLERGENIC lines. The easily digestible meat varieties chicken, rabbit and horse form the basis of the grain-free SENSITIVE menus, which are tailored to sensitive dog stomachs with a reduced variety of ingredients so as to relieve the strain on their digestion. The meat is complemented by alkaline ingredients such as potato, easily digestible varieties of vegetable as well as a well-tolerated type of fruit or berry. The special thing about the SENSITIVE menu is the unique SENSITIVE complex for gentle and purely natural support of the digestive system, intestinal flora and gastric mucosa.

The Terra Canis SENSITIVE complex
To assist dogs with sensitive digestions with their nutrition, the unique Terra Canis SENSITIVE complex adds plants, herbs and vital substances to the bowl that support the digestive organs, gastrointestinal mucosa and intestinal flora in a natural way. Mineral clay ensures a good acid-base balance and, together with psyllium husks, promotes a healthy gastric mucosa in the dog. Goat’s milk yogurt and the patented Emiko® effective microorganism mix contain lactic acid bacteria that support digestion and promote balanced intestinal flora. The herbs meadowsweet, camomile, caraway and elm bark, which are known in traditional botany and natural sciences for their positive effects on the stomach and intestines, also provide support. The easily digestible gluten-free coconut flour it contains, which supplies valuable fibre, is beneficial for every gut and promotes healthy intestinal function.

The herbs MEADOWSWEET, ELM BARK, CAMOMILE and CARAWAY are known in natural sciences and botany for their positive effect on the digestive organs.
GOAT’S MILK YOGURT and the EMIKO® effective microorganism mix contain lactic acid bacteria that ensure balanced intestinal flora.
COCONUT FLOUR is rich in protein, low-fat and cholesterol-free and is thus beneficial for the gut. It is one of the richest sources of fibre and promotes problem-free digestion.
The soluble fibres contained in PSYLLIUM SEED are known above all for their positive regulating effect on the digestion and gastric and intestinal mucosa.
BLACK CUMIN OIL is said to have many positive characteristics that are also scientifically proven. It is regarded among other things as anti-oxidative and promotes balanced intestinal peristalsis.
MINERAL CLAY supports a healthy acid-base balance.