Product of the Week: Winter Deer

When the days get shorter, the nights longer and the fur more and more cozy, it´s time for contemplation, shiny Christmas decorations and a fine, wintry delicacy at the most beautiful time of the year. With this year´s Terra Canis Christmas menu, you can also give your four-legged friend a very special treat in the run-up to Christmas, and during the festive season, which not only tastes great, but is also extremely healthy as well. With 100% fresh raw material in human-grade quality, as always, only the best ingredients end up in the bowl.

The basis of the festive menu is pure muscle meat from deer, which not only provides the animal protein so vital for the dog in the highest quality, but is also highly digestable and low in fat. The meat comes from animals that live in the wild and eat a completely natural and species-appropriate diet. The meat is free of antibiotics, hormones or stress-related substances. The valuable meat base is supplemented by a colorful mix of fruits and vegetables: parsnip, carrots, beet and crunchy romaine lettuce. In addition, apple, tangerine, cranberries and rosehip provide essential vitamins, minerals and secondary plant compounds in abundance. A special feature of the Winter menu is the chestnut, which is considered to be a healthy all-rounder, nutrient booster and supplier of numerous B-vitamins and pottasium- ideal in supporting the dog´s health on particularly cold and wet days. The festive treat is rounded off by fine coconut flakes and Christmas scented spices such as fine cardamom and star anise. This is how the Terra Canis Winter menu ensures a delicious, healthy Winter, a reflective pre-Christmas season, as well as brilliant festive days. Merry Xmas!