Even as a little girl, Birgitta Ornau loved dogs, cats and horses. When she got her first dog Sueno, whose name means ‘dream’ and who she rescued from being put down in Spain, she started to think about how dogs and cats can be fed in the way in which nature intended. While studying for her degree in Business Studies she therefore painstakingly researched the animal food products on the market. However even though there was a wide choice, there was not one product which fulfilled her demands and idea of a species-appropriate dog or cat food. They neither tasted good nor looked good. Shouldn’t pet food also smell good if it is supposed to contain fresh, tasty meat, vegetables and rice? Why did the declaration of products leave unanswered questions about the actual ingredients? What was hidden behind the cryptic description ‘animal by-products’? After extensively researching the regulations on animal food she knew why industrially produced animal food smelt and looked different to home-made food. And she was appalled at the bad quality we unknowingly put in front of our loyal companions day to day. That was the reason for her decision to bring her own animal food to the market – a food made only from ingredients in 100% human-grade quality. So Terra Canis and Terra Felis were born and Birgitta Ornau set completely new quality standards in the pet food industry. Today Birgitta Ornau lives and works in Munich. And she is following her goals just as enthusiastically as at the start, so that as many dogs and cats as possible can enjoy real food as nature intended, in human-grade quality.

The philosophy of Terra Felis has not changed to this day and our goal is to feed as many dogs and cats as possible with our high quality products.